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We are deeply committed to representing individuals charged with serious crimes and we have a track record of success. We know that there is nothing more personal than representing someone charged with a crime. We take that responsibility seriously.


We are honored to stand side by side with our clients. We litigate tirelessly and creatively to reach the best results we can for our clients. With three decades of combined experience in criminal defense, you can trust that we will be prepared to weather the storm with you. 


Our fees for criminal representation vary based on the nature of the charges and the complexity of the case, and always reflect the commitment and drive we bring to each and every case.

Felony Cases:


     Attempted Murder

     Aggravated Battery / Assault

     Sexual Assault / Sex Crimes

     Drug Cases

     Gun Cases

     Armed Robbery / Burglary 

     Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle


First Amendment / Political and Protest Cases


Post Convictions:


     Post Trial & Sentencing


     Post Conviction Petition/Habeas 



Police Brutality

Police Shootings  

False Arrest          

False Charges

Illegal Search & Seizure

Excessive Force

Malicious Prosecution

First Amendment / Free Speech

Jail/Prisoner Rights Violations
Prisoner Abuse  

Denial of Medical Attention

Employment Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

We dedicate our practice to fighting against state-sponsored oppression and racist policing. We want to hold police accountable for abusing power and brutalizing our communities. We specialize in civil rights litigation, with a focus on police brutality.


We have litigated numerous police misconduct cases to settlement and trial, obtaining favorable results for clients. We have also successfully litigated First Amendment / Free Speech Cases. 

All civil rights cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not pay anything unless we secure financial compensation for you.



​Wrongful Death

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Premises Liability

Nursing Home Negligence

While we specialize in criminal defense and civil rights litigation, we also have extensive experience litigating a variety of tort and contract cases.

We have handled multi-million dollar personal injury matters involving catastrophic injuries, complex products liability cases, and nation-wide medical malpractice and medical products liability cases. 

All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not pay anything unless we secure financial compensation for you.

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